Saturday, April 17, 2010

2 more great posters

Left: Susan Wydick, "Shad-Up!", 11 x 17", Handmade paper, mylar and Ink.
Susan is from "Shad City" and really didn't expound on her background. We like what we see Susan, thanks so much.

Right: Steve Zazenski, “House on N. Union Street”, 11 x 17", Watercolor painted directly on board.
We know this house...the one on the NJ license plate! One of our best architecturally, I think I know who will want this one.

Steve has a BFA from New York Institute of Technology and has been a full time artist since 1978 (remember disco Steve?) He calls himself a traditional landscape artist and has developed a series of classes and workshops entitled "A Logical Approach to Watercolor". His subject is commonly our area but sometimes includes the Caribbean. He's lived with his wife Kathy in Bucks County PA for 37 years.

Thanks Steve for your time and donation of wonderful art!

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