Sunday, April 03, 2011

From Gabe Stephens 2010 Scholarship Recipient

Gabe Stephens 3/31/11 My second semester just keeps on rolling and this hectic lifestyle is something that I hav e come to know and love! When they told me college was a busy time, I never thought it would be this intense. Between balancing upwards of 4 classes per day, practicing multiple instruments, and filling my spring brfeak with observations at local schools, I have had my work cut out for me. The truth is, I wouldn't trade it for anything. These past few weeks have been extremely busy! Approaching spring break, I spent hours trying to plan my 12 required observations for my music education seminar. Networking, and sending more emails than anyone ever should, I bought into the experience and enjoyed every second of it. I really foun d it to be a very educations experience and I had an overwhelming sense of accomplishment after successfully scheduling them at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. The observations themselves were also incredibly eye-opening. I spent a lot of time at New Hope solebury elementary School, and I got a chance to how much the approach to music education has changed since I was first beginning my immersion into the music world. The majority of the time I spent was taking extensive notes, focusing on how excited the kids were to be learning something new, literally, every day. Aside from the observations, I have been spending my time practicing, practicing, studying and practicing. I have found myself struggling this semester in my Aurals (ear training) class. Having not had the opportunity to study thise things in high school, I had a lot of catching up to do. Because I knew I was slightly behind my classmates, I chose to purchase computer software called Auralia 4, an extensive collectipon of lessons and exercises, designed to help Aurals students improve their skills. These kinds of programs are quite expensive, but thanks to the Shad Festival Scholarship I was awarded from the Lambertville Area Chamber of Commerce I was able to purchase it. the money from the scholarship also helped cover marching band expenses, the purchase of my computer, instrument rentals and two other music-based computer programs that will serve me beyond the years of my education, and into my future years as a teacher. Withouyt the help from the Lambertville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Shad Festival Scholarship Selection Committee, I don't know if acquiring those helpful tools would have been an option. As I enter the final month of the semester, I find that the weeks bounce back and forth from being very, very busy, to just flat out running around! The life of a music education major is always hectic. I have found that when I am always on the move, I am often at my best. Until next time! Gabe

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The 2010 Scholarship Winners!

New Applicants/Winners:

Will Tinsman, New Hope Solebury, Major: Fine Arts/Sculpture, Alfred University
Skylar Hurwitz, New Hope Solebury , Major: Music, Berklee College of Music
Gabriel Stephens, South Hunterdon, Music/Performance, West Chester University of PA
Aaron Sauter, New Hope Solebury, Dramatic Arts/Photography, NYU

Repeat Applicants/Winners:

Dylan Hurwitz, New Hope Solebury, Fine Art/Music, Hampshire College
Nicole Case, South Hunterdon, Fine Art/Education, East Carolina University
Brittney Shurts, South Hunterdon, Art Education, College of New Jersey
Jacob Stephens, South Hunterdon, Graphic Design/Multimedia, Ramapo College
Catherine McCarthy, New Hope Solebury, Fine Art/Graphic Design, American University

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thanks for your support!

Thanks to all for coming out on a dreary day and bidding to the (record) tune of over $32,000.! I'm sure we have some individual records too. Local artists are bringing in the big bucks that their works deserve. Please visit the websites at the end of posts to see what they're up to and support them by collecting their works. Life is short. Surround yourself with beautiful art!

A huge thanks to the artists who donated amazing posters and the volunteers who made it all happen...just incredible.

Tom Martin, our auctioneer, did an exceptional job at bringing in the bids.

My head is still spinning...but intermixed with new ideas for next year's auction.

Stay tuned for auction sale prices on all of the posters, anecdotes and more pix!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Glimpses of auction 2010

Shad Art O'fishinados...and Aylin Green with her 3rd prize poster .

they're all winners...

Jay McPhillips on the left with his entry and that's Suzanne Douglass with hers...

poster browsing...something fishy...

The Set Up ...Ready for Viewers...

Here are the Winners for 2010:

Best in Show Award $450 Luiz Vilela
1st Place Award $300 James Feehan
2nd Place Award $250 Joseph Barrett
3rd Place Award $200 Aylin Green
Shad Humor Award $200 Peter Hunt
All about the 'Shad' Award $200 Myhanh Bossé
Outstanding Skill/Technique Award $200 Pat dipaula Klein
Best Original Painting (any Medium) $200 Suzanne Douglass

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Make sure to view 'Older Posts' to see all posts.
Unfortunately we couldn't get all the posters posted.

Hot News: Famous alumnus submits poster

Yes, the return of Myles of the first artists to receive funds from this art scholarship.
He's living and painting here in Lambertville and congrats on his new baby Charlotte! Stop by to see his poster. Thanks Myles!

see his latest works:

The fabulous fishy ribbons!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

tribute to a friend of the arts

Catherine De Chico, "In Memory of George Golia", 11 x 17", Color Photograph.

An artist since 1980, Catherine has a degree in English and the Fine Arts.

This photo is a tribute to art community friend and long time resident George Golia who left us last December. George was an enthusiastic supporter of the arts and involved in the Shadfest for many years. This was taken at Buck's Coffee Shop where he managed the Kline's Art Gallery there and often appeared to socialize. We'll miss you George. Thanks for all you did for the art community here and contributing so much to Lambertville causes. And thanks Catherine for making the tribute with a great portrait of George.

of found materials and a society girl...

Left: Marc Deasy, "Bottoms Up", 11 x 17", Mixed media on found board.

Thanks Marc for your generous donation!

Read Marc's bio at Sidetracks Art Gallery of New Hope:

Right: Myhanh Bossé, “Shad Festiletto”, 11 x 17", Watercolor on board.

Member: Baltimore Watercolor Society, Signature Member, Phillip's Mill Art Show Award Winner, Member: Philadelpha, American and Pennsylvania Watercolor Societies.

Thanks Myhanh for your continued support and a really fun piece!

Popular artist, popular scene...

Carol Sanzalone, "Lewis Cabin", 2010, 18 x 28", Watercolor on paper.

Carol is an energetic and popular water colorist from Lambertville. It's not unusual to see her tucked away in a garden 'plein air' creating her magical works.

This is a wonderful scene of the Lewis Island Cabin in spring. Carol painted this just for us.

Always a supporter of this event we thank you for another fine work Carol!

Carol is with the Artists' Gallery at 18 Bridge Street here in town.

you've been a shad girl!

David Teague, "Shad Girl!", 11 x 17", Mixed construction with vintage pulp, marbled paper and old frame.

David has America Antiques on S. Main Street. And now you see where his inspiration comes from. This hilarious piece is nicely put together. We knew they were out there (Shad Girls) but now we have proof.

Thanks to David and Ginger! the site:

Monday, April 19, 2010

amazing monotype

Annelies Van Dommelen, "Lanscap", Monotype with added color on abaca handmade paper. This is the larger 18 x 28" poster, matted.

Annelies also donated the art we used on the Tee shirt this year and all of the promotional materials.

Not a stranger to local philanthropic causes, Annelies keeps on giving and we love her for it.

See more incredible Van Dommelen originals: hand-painted boxes, books, watercolors, oils, and monotype prints in the basement studio at 202 N. Union Street that she shares with another art poster donor, Malcolm Bray. Visit her websites:

Thanks so much Annelies!

bakers's treat cooks up a good one

The lovlies at Baker's Treat at 9 Chruch Street in Lambertville put in an exceptional effort.
Two windows with different displays. An over size interpretation of the art poster. What a great concept. The spirit of shadfest is making a comeback.

Please stop by to see their work and have a sweet treat, lunch or hot coffee or just to say hello.

Thanks! Hope you win the window decorating contest.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ladies of the shad

Deborah Maher, "Untitled", 2010, 11 x 17", Watercolor and ink on paper.

A fantastic surprise from Deborah --- a great whimsical illustration! A happy balance of line and color, airy, uplifting. This one will stir up a lot of attention.

Well done! Thanks Deborah.

Kalmia Club

Colette Sexton, "Kalmia Club", Oil on Canvas (on stretcher, attached to poster board.) This is on the larger board, 18 x 28".

This is an original one-of-a-kind Sexton. This is Not a print. Invest in this incredible piece.

Thanks Colette for this generous donation. A wonderful winter painting of the Kalmia Club near the Mary Sheridan Park here in Lambertville.

Artist Statement:

The inspiration behind my recent paintings was instilled during my formative years growing up in Bucks County.

After traveling extensively throughout the United States and Europe in addition to studying and living in various places, I have returned to my home locale and made its landscape the subject of my creative focus.

Even though my childhood suburban landscape was void of stimulation, the original 200-year-old farmhouse situated in the center of my neighborhood inspired me to explore the history of this region. I am intrigued with the many historic towns with their richly layered diverse architecture. And although my painting technique is contemporary, I have been inspired by the romanticized and sensitive use of light by the early American landscape painters specifically George Innes.

The Colette Sexton Gallery, 32 Bridge Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530 609-397-4022

Visit Colette's site:

Number 3 in a series

Adam Chou, "Shad up the Delaware No. 3", 11 x 17", Mixed Media.

This is number 3 in a series (from previous years). Each time Adam does one he uses different materials and approach.

I think this outstanding, elegant piece speaks for itself. Don't miss seeing it next weekend at the event.

Thanks Adam!

"Hooked" amazing construction.

Orville Wright Williamson, "Hooked on Shad", 2010, 3-d construction: acrylic, wood, plastic, metal (ingenuity). (Even comes with it's own carrying case). 11 x 17" x 7".

Fantastic construction Orville! This shad catch vignette is meticulous in every detail. You really have to see this to believe it.

Orville is from Flemington. A retired teacher, licensed pilot and he plays the cello (when he's not building shadfest posters)...Thanks for this incredible piece Orville!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

We are family...I've got all my sistas and me...

Alfred N. Marciante, "Shad Family", 11 x 17". Acrylic painted directly on board.

This rendering of American Shad, Alosa sapidissima and some of it's relatives is quite incredible. Alfred says he's a retired Electrician but I have a hard time believing he's not a top notch professional illustrator. We Have: Blue Back Herring, Hickory Shad, Alewife, American Shad and Gizzard Shad....who knew? Thanks Al for enlightening us and providing a great poster!

Al is from Doylestown, PA, paints as a hobby and has been happily married for 30 years.

see our fish:

Oh no...Bad Kitties!

KathyAnn Finch, "Grey Tiger Stripes with Shad", 11 x 17", Tempura painted directly on to board.

KathyAnn is from Ringoes, NJ and has participated in the poster event many times before.
A graduate of Moravian College and a 12 year member of the Hunterdon County Watercolor Society.

Thanks KathyAnn for your purrrfect poster!

2 more great posters

Left: Susan Wydick, "Shad-Up!", 11 x 17", Handmade paper, mylar and Ink.
Susan is from "Shad City" and really didn't expound on her background. We like what we see Susan, thanks so much.

Right: Steve Zazenski, “House on N. Union Street”, 11 x 17", Watercolor painted directly on board.
We know this house...the one on the NJ license plate! One of our best architecturally, I think I know who will want this one.

Steve has a BFA from New York Institute of Technology and has been a full time artist since 1978 (remember disco Steve?) He calls himself a traditional landscape artist and has developed a series of classes and workshops entitled "A Logical Approach to Watercolor". His subject is commonly our area but sometimes includes the Caribbean. He's lived with his wife Kathy in Bucks County PA for 37 years.

Thanks Steve for your time and donation of wonderful art!

striking graphic design

Shad-tantric Mantra, Jann Kniskern, 2010, Digital Print. 11 x 17". This art hangs a bit off the bottom of the board by about 3 inches.

Jann is a Lambertville resident and a graphic/visual artist and textile designer by trade. "Something goes from the eye to the soul, without going through the brain" Jann says.

This beautiful graphic definitely appeals to our eyes and where it goes from there remains to be seen. Hopefully on to someones wall, framed and gorgeous. Thanks Jann!

Shad Fest Posters 101

What are these ShadFest posters all about anyway?

Posters 101 The short course:

1.) A blank poster (with a masthead for that year) is printed up on acid-free art board by The Lambertville Area Chamber of Commerce.

2.) We let you know when they're available, usually in February of that year.

3.) You (Artist) picks up board blank at designated location.

4.) You (Artist) put your interpretation of the shadfest in any medium on or attached to the board. This is a donation from you to support the fund.

4.) Return this poster art to us.

5.) We exhibit, award prizes then auction off your poster on ShadFest weekend. (always the last full weekend of April).

6.) All the proceeds from the auction go into a dedicated fund that gets distributed to qualifying local high school students from New-Hope Solebury HS in Pa, and South Hunterdon HS in NJ pursuing a collegiate career in the arts. We do this because we feel it is important to encourage young artists in a historically 'artist rich' area --- to keep the local tradition alive. I'm sure you've heard of it: The Delaware Valley Impressionists and the New Hope School of artists? Theater, art, music, film, literature....this area was the destination of art legends through history to live, vacation, play and create! It's always been an art colony. Let's keep it going.

7.) Anything goes with this auction...and creativity is boundless. Since we began in the 1980's we've raised $330,000.

8.) This year, for the first time, we've introduced a larger than normal poster at a whopping 18 x 28". Standard poster size is 11 x 17". A limited run of 24 large posters were randomly distributed. All of the posters no matter the size are important to the fund. The smaller size run is about 250.

So that's about it. Now that you've passed your course you can confidently spread the word and be involved either as an art donor or buyer (or both).

See you at the exhibit and auction.

Friday evening 7-9, artists reception at the First Presbyterian Church Rec. Room, 31 N. Union Street. Exhibit runs through Sunday Morning April 25th till about noon where we start setting up for the live auction at 3PM. Parts of the auction will be a Silent Auction and we will also have for the first time a Buy It Now! category. Cash, Check, Visa or MasterCard accepted.

P.S. Almost all of the board blanks for 2010 are distributed and most posters have come back to us. We may have a few blanks available, but if you still want to do one, they need to be back in our hands by Wednesday the 21st at the absolute latest.

We may not be capable of showing all of the posters for 2010 on this blog but we will make the attempt. So browse and enjoy and please come and see what amazing art has been submitted. Thanks!


Friday, April 16, 2010

GeT YoUr ShAd ON!

Shadfest Window Decorating Contest
Walk around town and see who's got their Shad On!

Top Photo: Jersey Girl is Margo's sweet little dog, here demonstrating the stylish bed available to purchase at her mom's shop.

Bottom Photo: Here is the window Margo did at her very fun pet outfitters shop PickyPaws, 1 Church Street....That's Judy Henn's poster entry "River Patrol" (see her listing below) in the window.
Nice job Margo. Hope you win. Thanks!

shad, shad everywhere...

Left: Alyson Whitehead, "Spring Festival",11 x 17", Acrylics and Color-Aid Paper directly on board. This also has an interesting clear beaded texture added that I think used to be referred to as 'Venetian Dew'. (they still make color-aid paper?)
Nice rendition of the shad Alyson....thank you!

Right: Catherine Whitehead, "Clean Water Appetite", 11 x 17". Watercolor directly on board.
Catherine is from Glen Gardner, NJ.
I guess you can say we all have a clean water appetite, or at least we should. Start by not dumping any chemicals into our sewers. Buy natural cleaning products and just be conscious of where all this chemical stuff ends up.
Thanks Catherine, looks great!

Seining of the shad....perfect.

Anthony Flamio
, "Family Tradition", 11 x 17", taken on Lewis Island...known as the last place on the Delaware river where shad are harvested using this method. Photograph.

Anthony is a Lambertville resident and has been a landscape photographer for over 20 years.

Perfect shot Anthony! Thank you. Visit his site:

p.s. shad hauling demos will be happening all weekend off Lewis Island here in Lambertville. See our main page at to find out when.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sacred Fish Frei

Jane Gilday , "Sacred Fish Frei, for Mary", 2010. Watercolor painted directly on to the board. This is the larger 18 x 28" poster board, Limited to 24 in 2010.

Very graphic Jane! It will be up to the individual to decipher the message. But we are not surprised that Jane is expressing herself in this way. This feels like the 60's, beautifully rendered, nicely balanced composition and the sometimes tricky use of watercolor feels if the paint flowed so effortlessly off of her brush. She knew exactly what she wanted. It works.

Thanks Jane for your generous donation!

Jane is represented by the Hrefna Jonsdottir Gallery, 24 Bridge Street, Lambertville.

This powerful graphic poster can be yours for the bidding.
See it on display starting Friday Night through Sunday morning.

Suzanne Douglass....nocturne

Suzanne Douglass. Original, Oil on Paper created in 2010 specifically for this event. This is one of the larger posters we're offering this year, 18 x 28". More to love.

What can we say about Suzanne's work that hasn't already been? This rare blue nocturne landscape is simply stunning. A bit of a departure for Suzanne in subject and color palette which makes it all the more appealing and valuable.

Suzanne has generously submitted poster art to the benefit for as long as the festival has offered them, since the early 80's. As sure as shad will spawn, Suzanne will create amazing art for this event.

Own this wonderful original piece --- come to the auction on Sunday the 25th with a confident bidding hand and this beauty could be on your wall by the end of the month.

Suzanne Douglass is represented by the Hrefna Jonsdottir Gallery, 24 Bridge Street in Lambertville. Go to

New Posters being added everyday!

We have some amazing pieces by your favorite artists. Bring your friends, get wrapped up in the excitement of a live auction. Start or add to your existing collection! Bring cash, checks, or use your Visa or MasterCard.

This year's Shad Festival Scholarship Poster Auction will be better than ever! Poster Auction Chairman, Kevin Griffin, a Lambertville graphic designer, is taking things to a new level.

To date, an astounding $330,000 has been raised for local students on both sides of the Delaware (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) pursuing a collegiate career in the arts. None of this would be possible without the generous donations of original art from our poster artists.

Here's your chance to see some of the incredible works of art that will be up for auction on Sunday, April 25th at the Lambertville Shad Festival. The auction starts at 3 pm in the rec hall of the First Presbyterian Church on N. Union Street in Lambertville. Auction registration begins at 2 pm on Sunday.

The posters will be on view beginning Friday evening, April 23rd through Sunday morning.

Our first hand-blown glass poster

Belle Mead Hot Glass, "Blown Shad", 11 x 17", Hand-blown blue and speckled glass shad by artist Robert Kuster. (Adhered). Projects about 3 inches from board. A full size glass fish!

Robert has been working for over 15 years from his studio on Route 202 in Hillsborough, NJ and was an award winning wood worker prior to that. The majority of the works produced today by Belle Mead Hot Glass, LLC. are large glass sculptures and chandeliers for commercial institutions, corporate offices, casinos and fantasy destinations like Disneyworld. They even have installed decorative glass for red carpet after parties in LA.

Thanks Robert and Sheila for your donation! Visit their site:

Right: Leilani M. Scurti, “Them Bones”, 11 x 17", Watercolor and pencil painted directly on to the board. Her work of subtle color and pencil has the feel of 'outsider' art. Really nice technique.

Leilani is a familiar face around town working at both the Chocolate Box and Milcrest Antiques.
Thanks Leilani!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a stones throw.....

Left: Sally Swenson, "Delaware Stone & Quartz Shad", 11 x 17", Mixed Media...Watercolor, stone, quartz and shells.

Sally sells sea shells by the seashore (and some stones too). Great assemblage of natural materials to depict the main event.

Sally is from Flemington and has a BA in Fine Art and Interior Design. Thanks a lot Sally!

Right: Dan Krovatin, “Shad Lure”, 11 x 17", Oil on paper board.

If you are a fisherman you have to own this incredibly detailed rendition of a Shad Lure.
Come and bid next Sunday the 25th and make this yours!

From Ewing, NJ...Dan's wife Valorie is an antique dealer here in Lambertville. Your husband is obviously very talented Valorie, where have you been keeping him? A pro illustration or painting...Thanks Dan for your time and talent! Hope to see more of your work.

Feels like Key West....

Left: Kevin White, "Delevan and Main St. in the Spring", 11 x 17", Watercolor on Paper (Applied).
Award winning architect. Kevin has contributed for 10 years and has allowed for posthumous submissions for several more through friends and family. Thanks Kevin wherever you are.

Right: Bianca Ottone, “Java in colors”, 11x 17", Watercolor and graphite on paper.
Representing New Hope Pa, Bianca has captured the sign at the Lambertville Trading Company quite nicely. Thanks for your generous donation Bianca!

2 more impressive entries from Doylestown

Left: David Hahn, "Winter Landscape",
11" x 17", Acrylic. David has been painting for 20 years in the impressionistic style.

This original painting is quite beautiful. The impasto layers successfully achieve the desired mood....the banks of the river in winter. This painting suggests a style and technique of paintings of long ago...the hay day of the New Hope School and the Delaware Valley Impressionists. Bravo David and thank you! The impressionists are alive and well in Bucks County.

Right: Denise Callanan-Kline, "Shad Run", 11" x 17", Acrylic on board. Calming aquas and blues lure us into this original acrylic depiction of the shad run....upriver to spawn. Huge shad can be seen as we walk across the bridge between New Hope and Lambertville during April, May and even into June. They take quite a beating through this ordeal but eventually work their way back to the Delaware bay to regenerate for next year. Thanks Denise!

Me and My Shad-Ow

Peter Hunt, 11 x 17". 2010. Oil on Board.

New Hope artist Peter Hunt is another very familiar name to this shadfest event.

This really clever original oil has the quality of old-time book illustration or sheet music cover design. Is that Fred?

Rumor has it that if you can catch your own shadow while attending the shadfest, that your shadow too will be in the form of a come down next weekend and find out! But you have to whistle the toon! :0, that's the catch.

Thanks Peter...really fine work!

Soaking with shad....

Susanne Pitak Davis, 11 x 17" Mixed Media.

Wonderfully sculpted/molded piece from Susanne --- a familiar name to the shadfest art poster fund.

Susanne has exhibited at Ellarslie in Trenton, The Hunterdon Art Museum in Clinton and has won top awards at the Phillips Mill Exhibition.

Thanks Susanne for your years of support with fun and inspired works! People, pay attention...this is what it's all about!

Monday, April 12, 2010

We have an impact on our river...

Aylin Green, "The River Keepers", 2010, Collage. Applied sewing pattern pieces, paint, glaze. This is the larger poster, 18 x 28 Inches.

We have a huge impact on the health and quality of our rivers as all of our environment. Let's keep it clean and alive for ourselves and future generations.

Aylin's works have become highly collectible as she becomes more prolific. People are noticing her intricate collages, with subtle messages and personal meaning. Her works often contain recycled and found objects and combined with her artistic skill they make for powerful pieces.

B.F.A from the Mason Gross School of the Arts, a masters in Education from Tufts University and coursework from P.A.F.A.

Thanks Aylin for your generous donation! Visit her site:

A Huge Watercolor!

Irma Fuhr, "On the wake of a new day", This is the larger size poster, 18 x 28", Watercolor on paper, double matted.

Irma has been a contributor to the shadfest poster event for many years. Her work is always consistently top notch.

Pursuing her love of art, Irma studied watercolors with Ron Lent. She is a full member of the Garden State Watercolor Society and helped found the Hunterdon County Watercolor Society. Irma is also a member of Artsbridge.

Participated in juried shows at the Coryell Gallery, "Best in Show", Garden State Watercolor Society, Phillips Mill, and Hunterdon Art Center as well as with Artsbridge. Award: The New Jersey Chapter of the American Artists League, First Place Award, NJ Senior Artist 2005.

Thanks Irma for your commitment of time and talent!

Save me fido!

Judy Henn, "River Patrol", This is the larger size poster, 18 x 28", Acrylic on masonite.

Judy has Robin's Egg Gallery at 24 Church Street in Lambertville. A huge supporter of animal rights groups, Judy always seems to be giving back to the community. Stop in to her gallery of wonderful portraits and fantasy pieces of animals in human situations, lounging in exotic rooms.

Thanks Judy for all you do!

See her work:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Summer day on the Delaware....

Christyl Cusworth, 2010, Oil on Masonite (Mounted to poster), Board Size, 18 x 28 Inches. Thanks Christyl for your generous donation.

This is one of the 23 oversized Posters, New in 2010.

Christyl is a Professional Associate of The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works with 20 years experience in painting conservation. To ensure her clients receive the best conservation available, Christyl maintains state-of-the-art conservation skills through expert classes, lectures and symposiums with world renowned conservators. A graduate of The College of New Jersey, Christyl has studied at the American College in Agia-Paraskevi, Greece, as well as the University of New Orleans and New York University. Her commitment to conservation took hold when Christyl was awarded an apprenticeship at the Salah Hudson Conservation Studio in New Orleans. In New Orleans she was also hired as an assistant preparatory at The Contemporary Art Center.
Left: John Treschler, "River Bed", 11" x 17", Digital Photo. John is a member of the Artists' Gallery, 18 Bridge Street Lambertville. Thanks John!

Right: Kit Raymond, "The Hanging Kettle", 11" x 17", Watercolor. Kit has opened the new Tendog Gallery on the corner of Coryell and N. Union Streets in Lambertville. Make sure to see his inspiring original works. Thanks Kit!

2 great fish tiles...

Left: Vintage Ceramic Tile, , 11" x 17", c. 1940's. Tile size: 6" x 6" (Mounted). Donated by Richard Golden of Seventh Heaven Moderne. Richard specializes in 20th century art, glass, pottery and collectibles. 18 Church Street, Lambertville. Open Weekends. Richard once owned the business Golden Griffin's in New Hope for many years. If you ever want to dish about the local art and antiques scene of the 70's /80's in New Hope /Lambertville stop in and ask Richard. Thanks so much Richard!

Right: Motawi Arts & Crafts Tile, Signed: 'Stacey', 11" x 17", Tile size: 6" x 6" (Applied). Motawi Tileworks is known for their rich glazes and uniquely American designs, inspired by nature, art and architecture. Donated by Coryell Street Stone and Tile, 35. N. Union Street, Lambertville. They specialize in Tile, Soapstone, Marble, and offer custom design and installation. Super nice people, stop in and visit Cate, Stan or Rachel (and their cute dog Minny). Thanks Guys!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mike Mann Plein Air in Lambertville.

We caught Mike Mann set up in front of Kline's in Lambertville last weekend working on his shadfest poster entry. We can't wait to see your work Mike! Thanks!

Joseph Barrett donates 2 paintings

Joseph Barrett, 2010, Oil on canvas/wrapped on board, Board Size, 18 x 28 Inches.
Painting sizes, 11 x 14 Inches each. 1 is mounted to the shadfest masthead board, the other is not.

We are very excited to have these wonderful paintings by Joseph to benefit the fund this year.

Both have the same title, " Shad Boys fishing on the Delaware River" with his unique numbering system, date and signed. J.B. Lahaska, Pa M, CE, CY

Throughout his extensive career as an artist, Barrett has won numerous awards and solo exhibitions. A Pennsylvania Impressionist, Barrett is most known for his energetic Impressionist landscape paintings.

A Lahaska resident, Barrett captures the Buck's County countryside, with his own unique perspective. Born in 1936, Barrett received his art degree from Massachusetts College of Art, and later received his Masters Degree in Fine Art from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. A long time Bucks County resident, Barrett's work is held in numerous public and private collections, including the Doylestown Hospital.

Thanks Joseph for your generous contribution to the cause!

A rare Ungerleider, never seen.

Left: Gail Bracegirdle, "Tackle Box", 11" x 17", Watercolor on paper (Affixed at corners). Some wonderful hand-tied 'flys' by her friend Paul Dolbec. A loyal member of the art community and shad fest poster donor for many years and currently with the Artists' gallery now at 18 Bridge Street in Lambertville. Thanks Gail!

Right: Bernard Ungerleider (1908-2001), "Tiger lilly on the Delaware", 11" x 17", Oil on Board. (Affixed) This fabulous and rare Ungerleider oil painting was donated by Michael McClintock of the Artfull Eye Gallery, 36 N. Union Street in Lambertville. Bernard was a local legend and prolific painter who contributed many shad posters over the last 2 decades. This particular painting seems to be a rare and unknown jewel. Here is your opportunity to own a fabulous piece as investment art while helping a cause to which Bernard was very loyal. Thanks Michael for your generous donation!

fishy, fishy in the brook...

Left: Gretchen Schroeder, "Drains to the Delaware", 11" x 17", Watercolor on paper (Applied). A very important message to all. Thanks Gretchen!

Right: Jane Barg, "Batik Catfish", 11" x 17", Watercolor on Paper Pieces. (Applied) The feel of fine Batik fabric in aqua, blue and violets. Thanks Jane!


Malcolm Bray, 2010, Oil painted directly on Board, Board Size, 18 x 28 Inches. Thanks Malcolm for your generous donation.

Welcome the new era of abstract expressionsim...and Malcolm Bray, born in Hull, England and we're proud to have him as a citizen of the U.S. and resident artist in Lambertville. Malcolm was generous enough to fit us into his busy schedule. A soaringly successful career as an artist, he is now represented by Cheryl Hazan in New York and Burnt Mills Gallery in Bernardsville, NJ...he's been discovered...but here is your opportunity to attain a piece of the fame. Thanks Malcolm!

You can find Malcolm in the basement studio at 202 N, Union Street that he shares with Annelies Van Dommelen, engrossed in his work (with one eye on the international soccer game) He's very often stop in to say hello and see a master at work. Right-O!
James Curran Antiques and AREA Home are also in that building....make it a destination.
The old spoke factory office is an outstanding piece of Lambertville architecture.

Ubiquitous McPhillips.

Jay McPhillips, 2010, Oil on Canvas, (mounted), with gold leaf surround, Board Size, 18 x 28 Inches. Thanks Jay for your generous donation, and just for being you.

A wonderfully serene image looking towards New Hope from Lambertville, the lights of street life twinkling, luring us over for a look. The Grey Herron in the foreground contemplates it. Is fish on the menu at Martine's?

Jay McPhillips grew up in Philadelphia where he enjoyed summer art classes at Moore College of Art, street hockey and soft pretzels. Recognizing the lack of funding in street hockey or pretzel consumption, Jay believed there would be slightly more opportunity in art. Slightly.

Mr. McPhillips' work is quite varied. He enjoys many forms of media. His projects include oil paintings in an impressionist style to screen printed posters and t-shirts. Recently he has completed a book of his contrived humorous notions called Staff Pick. He hopes it will make the New York Times Best Seller List or at the very least, entertain a few of his friends.

Read the full story on Jay's website: angel!

Angela Del Vecchio, 2010, Oil/mixed media on paper, (textural), Board Size, 18 x 28 Inches.
This is one of the 23 oversized Posters, New in 2010. Thank you Angela for your generous donation!
Angela is a super talented graphic artist, illustrator and painter living in the Doylestown, PA area. Her work can seem dark and edgy, soft and whimsical...provoking thought and fantasy. We are honored to have her participate in this year's auction, rounding out the spectrum of styles that will exhibit this year.

Angela's Website:

John Ennis....academic treasure

John Ennis, 2010, Oil on canvas stretcher, Board Size, 18 x 28 Inches.
This is one of the 23 oversized Posters, New in 2010. Thank you John for your generous donation!

This is an original one-of-a-kind Ennis. This is Not a print. Invest in this incredible piece.

About the Artist: John Ennis is a nationally recognized portrait artist. His work is included in prominent collections throughout the United States and abroad. John has received 17 national and international awards, 12 of these from the Portrait Society of America. The subject of numerous magazine articles, he was interviewed for an article on portraiture in the May 2009 issue of the Artist's Magazine. John also authored articles for this publication as well as the International Artist Magazine.
John's website:

Alex invented it!

Left: Miriam Seiden, "Reigning Fish", 11" x 17", Photography with applied media. A wonderful fantasy piece. Thanks Miriam!

Right: Alex Pietersen, "Hooked!", 11" x 17", Photograph. (Mounted) Created using a photographic technique developed by the artist in 1978. Read more on his website: Thanks Alex!

incredible skill...

Left: Evelyn Doyle, "Morning Sun", 11" x 17", Mixed media on Paper. Wonderful Tones and color. Thanks Evelyn!

Right: Pat dipaula Klein, "Crazy Kettle of Fish", 11" x 17", Intricately hand-stitched on Linen. Temporary Mount. This piece is extraordinary. Do not miss seeing this will not believe the level of skill. Thank you Pat!