Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shad Fest Posters 101

What are these ShadFest posters all about anyway?

Posters 101 The short course:

1.) A blank poster (with a masthead for that year) is printed up on acid-free art board by The Lambertville Area Chamber of Commerce.

2.) We let you know when they're available, usually in February of that year.

3.) You (Artist) picks up board blank at designated location.

4.) You (Artist) put your interpretation of the shadfest in any medium on or attached to the board. This is a donation from you to support the fund.

4.) Return this poster art to us.

5.) We exhibit, award prizes then auction off your poster on ShadFest weekend. (always the last full weekend of April).

6.) All the proceeds from the auction go into a dedicated fund that gets distributed to qualifying local high school students from New-Hope Solebury HS in Pa, and South Hunterdon HS in NJ pursuing a collegiate career in the arts. We do this because we feel it is important to encourage young artists in a historically 'artist rich' area --- to keep the local tradition alive. I'm sure you've heard of it: The Delaware Valley Impressionists and the New Hope School of artists? Theater, art, music, film, literature....this area was the destination of art legends through history to live, vacation, play and create! It's always been an art colony. Let's keep it going.

7.) Anything goes with this auction...and creativity is boundless. Since we began in the 1980's we've raised $330,000.

8.) This year, for the first time, we've introduced a larger than normal poster at a whopping 18 x 28". Standard poster size is 11 x 17". A limited run of 24 large posters were randomly distributed. All of the posters no matter the size are important to the fund. The smaller size run is about 250.

So that's about it. Now that you've passed your course you can confidently spread the word and be involved either as an art donor or buyer (or both).

See you at the exhibit and auction.

Friday evening 7-9, artists reception at the First Presbyterian Church Rec. Room, 31 N. Union Street. Exhibit runs through Sunday Morning April 25th till about noon where we start setting up for the live auction at 3PM. Parts of the auction will be a Silent Auction and we will also have for the first time a Buy It Now! category. Cash, Check, Visa or MasterCard accepted.

P.S. Almost all of the board blanks for 2010 are distributed and most posters have come back to us. We may have a few blanks available, but if you still want to do one, they need to be back in our hands by Wednesday the 21st at the absolute latest.

We may not be capable of showing all of the posters for 2010 on this blog but we will make the attempt. So browse and enjoy and please come and see what amazing art has been submitted. Thanks!


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