Friday, April 16, 2010

shad, shad everywhere...

Left: Alyson Whitehead, "Spring Festival",11 x 17", Acrylics and Color-Aid Paper directly on board. This also has an interesting clear beaded texture added that I think used to be referred to as 'Venetian Dew'. (they still make color-aid paper?)
Nice rendition of the shad Alyson....thank you!

Right: Catherine Whitehead, "Clean Water Appetite", 11 x 17". Watercolor directly on board.
Catherine is from Glen Gardner, NJ.
I guess you can say we all have a clean water appetite, or at least we should. Start by not dumping any chemicals into our sewers. Buy natural cleaning products and just be conscious of where all this chemical stuff ends up.
Thanks Catherine, looks great!

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  1. Thanks for the acknowledgment on your page!

    And yes, they still make color-aid paper.


    Alyson and Cathy