Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ubiquitous McPhillips.

Jay McPhillips, 2010, Oil on Canvas, (mounted), with gold leaf surround, Board Size, 18 x 28 Inches. Thanks Jay for your generous donation, and just for being you.

A wonderfully serene image looking towards New Hope from Lambertville, the lights of street life twinkling, luring us over for a look. The Grey Herron in the foreground contemplates it. Is fish on the menu at Martine's?

Jay McPhillips grew up in Philadelphia where he enjoyed summer art classes at Moore College of Art, street hockey and soft pretzels. Recognizing the lack of funding in street hockey or pretzel consumption, Jay believed there would be slightly more opportunity in art. Slightly.

Mr. McPhillips' work is quite varied. He enjoys many forms of media. His projects include oil paintings in an impressionist style to screen printed posters and t-shirts. Recently he has completed a book of his contrived humorous notions called Staff Pick. He hopes it will make the New York Times Best Seller List or at the very least, entertain a few of his friends.

Read the full story on Jay's website:

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