Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sacred Fish Frei

Jane Gilday , "Sacred Fish Frei, for Mary", 2010. Watercolor painted directly on to the board. This is the larger 18 x 28" poster board, Limited to 24 in 2010.

Very graphic Jane! It will be up to the individual to decipher the message. But we are not surprised that Jane is expressing herself in this way. This feels like the 60's, beautifully rendered, nicely balanced composition and the sometimes tricky use of watercolor feels if the paint flowed so effortlessly off of her brush. She knew exactly what she wanted. It works.

Thanks Jane for your generous donation!

Jane is represented by the Hrefna Jonsdottir Gallery, 24 Bridge Street, Lambertville.

This powerful graphic poster can be yours for the bidding.
See it on display starting Friday Night through Sunday morning.

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