Thursday, April 15, 2010

Suzanne Douglass....nocturne

Suzanne Douglass. Original, Oil on Paper created in 2010 specifically for this event. This is one of the larger posters we're offering this year, 18 x 28". More to love.

What can we say about Suzanne's work that hasn't already been? This rare blue nocturne landscape is simply stunning. A bit of a departure for Suzanne in subject and color palette which makes it all the more appealing and valuable.

Suzanne has generously submitted poster art to the benefit for as long as the festival has offered them, since the early 80's. As sure as shad will spawn, Suzanne will create amazing art for this event.

Own this wonderful original piece --- come to the auction on Sunday the 25th with a confident bidding hand and this beauty could be on your wall by the end of the month.

Suzanne Douglass is represented by the Hrefna Jonsdottir Gallery, 24 Bridge Street in Lambertville. Go to

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