Saturday, June 26, 2010

The 2010 Scholarship Winners!

New Applicants/Winners:

Will Tinsman, New Hope Solebury, Major: Fine Arts/Sculpture, Alfred University
Skylar Hurwitz, New Hope Solebury , Major: Music, Berklee College of Music
Gabriel Stephens, South Hunterdon, Music/Performance, West Chester University of PA
Aaron Sauter, New Hope Solebury, Dramatic Arts/Photography, NYU

Repeat Applicants/Winners:

Dylan Hurwitz, New Hope Solebury, Fine Art/Music, Hampshire College
Nicole Case, South Hunterdon, Fine Art/Education, East Carolina University
Brittney Shurts, South Hunterdon, Art Education, College of New Jersey
Jacob Stephens, South Hunterdon, Graphic Design/Multimedia, Ramapo College
Catherine McCarthy, New Hope Solebury, Fine Art/Graphic Design, American University

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