Sunday, April 03, 2011

From Gabe Stephens 2010 Scholarship Recipient

Gabe Stephens 3/31/11 My second semester just keeps on rolling and this hectic lifestyle is something that I hav e come to know and love! When they told me college was a busy time, I never thought it would be this intense. Between balancing upwards of 4 classes per day, practicing multiple instruments, and filling my spring brfeak with observations at local schools, I have had my work cut out for me. The truth is, I wouldn't trade it for anything. These past few weeks have been extremely busy! Approaching spring break, I spent hours trying to plan my 12 required observations for my music education seminar. Networking, and sending more emails than anyone ever should, I bought into the experience and enjoyed every second of it. I really foun d it to be a very educations experience and I had an overwhelming sense of accomplishment after successfully scheduling them at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. The observations themselves were also incredibly eye-opening. I spent a lot of time at New Hope solebury elementary School, and I got a chance to how much the approach to music education has changed since I was first beginning my immersion into the music world. The majority of the time I spent was taking extensive notes, focusing on how excited the kids were to be learning something new, literally, every day. Aside from the observations, I have been spending my time practicing, practicing, studying and practicing. I have found myself struggling this semester in my Aurals (ear training) class. Having not had the opportunity to study thise things in high school, I had a lot of catching up to do. Because I knew I was slightly behind my classmates, I chose to purchase computer software called Auralia 4, an extensive collectipon of lessons and exercises, designed to help Aurals students improve their skills. These kinds of programs are quite expensive, but thanks to the Shad Festival Scholarship I was awarded from the Lambertville Area Chamber of Commerce I was able to purchase it. the money from the scholarship also helped cover marching band expenses, the purchase of my computer, instrument rentals and two other music-based computer programs that will serve me beyond the years of my education, and into my future years as a teacher. Withouyt the help from the Lambertville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Shad Festival Scholarship Selection Committee, I don't know if acquiring those helpful tools would have been an option. As I enter the final month of the semester, I find that the weeks bounce back and forth from being very, very busy, to just flat out running around! The life of a music education major is always hectic. I have found that when I am always on the move, I am often at my best. Until next time! Gabe

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